Our company MINOAS ESTATE is based in west Crete and to be more specific in Kissamos (Chania).

The company is not newly founded but preexisted under the trade name MINOAS S.A. whose business activities were in the section of residence construction and sale.

Minas Kontopirakis, later, who was the founder of MINOAS ESTATE cooperated with other construction companies in Crete which is occupied with real estate and residence construction and conservation.  Today, based on our experience, we have made to have a very productive team composed of well experienced civil engineers and architects so we can cater and support every demand of our customers in sale, purchase, design, plots, building permits, residence construction, building restoration, repairs, conservation of old or new houses.  Our experience and our responsibility would guarantee to you quality regarded all our services.

(c) Minoas Estate - info@minoasestate.com - Phone +302822023104 - Fax +302822023144 - 125 Iroon Polytechniou Street - Kissamos Crete Greece GR-73400